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r҉ustic cy͠be̸rpu̵nk🤠🤖 @cypnk@mastodon.social

Google + is the abandoned mall of social media. Some folks still hang around, but the roof is leaking and the trees are dead

Facebook is the working mall. Security kicks you out if you hang around too much and everything is covered with cameras. There are still shoplifters

MySpace and Digg are converted stripmalls. One's got slightly more polish, but the other's just got glass cases of shoes

Twitter is a wasteland of used needles and condoms, but you do find the odd flower trying to survive

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@cypnk Mastodon's the market with lots of little stalls all run by different people

@troubleMoney That's it! Mastodon = Local Market

You get your honey vendors, the cake people, the artists,

It's a Farmers' Market + Gallery

@cypnk @troubleMoney I remember my first go-to mastodon metaphor was the agora: big public spaces, little closeted nooks, overhearing a flood of conversations, seeing the images & food & wares of cultures from around the globe

@troubleMoney @cypnk ...many of whom moved there from Twitter and are selling ways to put your needles and condoms to use...

@cypnk yaaa I love this analogy

The word "ruderal" seems relevant to birbsite.

@cypnk mastodon is the grassroots social center, just moved into its own place after squatting for years, working out how to keep its defiant horizontalism and still pay the bills. Gloriously enjoying the honeymoon period where threat of eviction is behind and fascists have yet to mount any serious attacks.

@keith @cypnk been thinking Masto reminds me quite a lot of the anarchist bookshop I used to visit from about 1986-1989 in my old town (until the space they was in got sold and made into a yet bigger car park). But Masto is potentially much more resilient as the resources and costs are spread across many places and at least some content is transferrable and salvageable even if one or two instances disappear (which has already happened).

@vfrmedia @keith I feel like we're coming back to that

The zine movement is picking up again (this time, a lot more varied than anarchists or even punk). Laser printers are cheaper, paper is plentiful and staplers have longer reach. People will start DIY publishing just because it's easier to do so now

I'm all for that. As a society, we're leaving fewer hard copies of our thoughts and that's detrimental to future generations who wish to archive them