Years ago, I was a member of a forum called DSLWebserver
(officially, DSL/Cable Web Server). It was a site dedicated to helping folks run their own web server from their home broadband connection

The forum became defunct, sadly, but I still remember the fun we had chatting about really obscure bugs and playing "is my site up?"

We should play that game more often. Even if it's a single HTML page, there's something very satisfying about hosting your own homepage

@cypnk I fondly remember when I found out about dynamic dns updates and hosting my own email. I became obsessed. Sendmail stores all my mail in a single spool while qmail stores each email in its own file? Gotta have it! And so on.

@noflashphotography DynDNS was my provider at the. Always fun to make sure I updated my IP or else they would delete the entry due to inactivity ;)

@noflashphotography @cypnk apparently I've never learned that this was easily possible. Guess I have another thing to add to the new tech stack.

@cypnk Cheap cloud kinda makes this less worthwhile IMO.

@cypnk I agree somewhat with @feoh because my ISP was so sketchy, hosting things was difficult ( lots of downtime in my area at the time). However, I see your point, controlling your own server as opposed to trusting a company is attractive. I wish internet was a utility instead of greedy Corps.

@feoh Different goals. If all you need is a server, then sure. This is something fundamentally different

@cypnk Absolutely! Fun for fun's she is a house of a different color!

@cypnk Best thing I ever hosted was a WAP gateway for myself and friends for our phones. That was so cool digging down into hidden menus on dumb phones and putting in my dynamic DNS address to go online for free.

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