New [PlayRaw] The Rail Bridge, North Queensferry from Brian Innes

Come show us how you'd process this raw file! Thank you Brian Innes for sharing this wonderful shot.



So I processed this with my weapon of choice - Adobe Lightroom.

I then attempted to process in DarkTable, but alas, it had this pink overlay of some sort and I couldn't work out how to get rid of it. Darnit.

@dadegroot nice result!

What version of dt were you using? I see on the thread there's quite a few other dt users that didn't have any pink overlays (that they mentioned anyway).

@patdavid 1.4.2 by the looks of it (on OSX High Sierra - 10.13.2, on a 2017 5k iMac).

@dadegroot Holy old version batman! Try it in a new version ( they're up to 2.2.5 stable release for macOS!

@patdavid Success! Yes, it turned out to be the version of

Came out ok, given I don't know my way around the product. If I spent more time on it, I could probably get the same result as Lightroom.

@patdavid And since I'm doing all this testing of alternative software, why not a Raw Therapee version as well.

Although, I can't seem to find the spot removal tool (note, not googling for any of this testing, just seeing how intuitive the interfaces are).

@dadegroot @patdavid long shot: on linux with redshift running? All I can think of.

@gemlog @patdavid nope, OSX 10.13.2. It looked like a magenta overlay, but not being very familiar with DarkTable I couldn't work out where it was coming from or how to turn it off.

@dadegroot @patdavid All I could think of, sorry. I'm not familiar with darktable, although I did install it. When I need something I usually reach for something already familiar (like most folks do). Maybe you activated some layer or filter...

@gemlog @dadegroot My first instinct here is to say that the old version of darktable doesn't support the camera that the raw file came from (it's been the solution in the past many times). So the best first guess is to get a recent darktable and try with that instead.

If that fails we can start dissecting what the root cause might be. :)

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