You need thick skin to be a fediverse developer.

@dansup I would say: "you need thick skin to be an opensource developer".

@dansup As much as I disagree with him, I really feel bad for Gargron and the way people sometimes treat him

@foxhkron Yeah, am surprised he hasn't disabled Issues on GitHub.

I know a few projects like Laravel has disabled them and they are doing fine.

@foxhkron @dansup sometimes I think Gargron maybe deserves it.

I don't think it's possible to convince Gargron in some of his controversial decisions. But anyone who insult him should know that insulting isn't a way to solve problems. From the opensource point of view, if you don't agree, you can make a fork.

@a1batross Yes, insulting him isn't gonna get them anywhere. And from the technical perspective you could just use any other kind of software (Pleroma, Hubzilla, Honk, Friendica, Osada...). ActivityPub is an open protocol, nobody forces them to use Mastodon.


@foxhkron @dansup +1.

And no one forces to use vanilla Mastodon and don't customize it. :)

I'm ok with mastodon for now(maybe except 500 symbols limit).

"Nobody forces then to use Mastodon"

Unless they're on Masto Host

And where are the migration tools?

I'm not asserting that comments never get abusive, but I will say that having a thick skin and not supporting migration to your project are both reasonable strategies for maintaining colonial standards of discourse

Your project = your call, but the bootlicker thing in issues doesn't help
@a1batross @dansup

@yaaps I was talking about "end-users" specifically, for instance admins this turns into a more technical story.

But to address your concerns: Regular Mastodon instances can be migrated to projects like GlitchSoc with little effort. I believe Migration tools, to migrate Mastodon to Pleroma will also be in place (soon~ish).

For instance admins who use services like, such an upgrade cannot be performed easily. But if there were enough requests to be upgraded to GlitchSoc, they will most likely start offering that too. (Considering GlitchSoc is an actual Mastodon Fork)

I am also not sure who you are referring to in the second half of your comment. I was speaking my mind about a limited group of people, not speaking in behalf of any project.

@dansup @a1batross

@DashEquals I wanted to say that there is nothing surprising. If you have users, you have a responsibility, even if you don't want it and you just writing opensource projects for fun. Until you trying to ignore that fact, you may get bullied. And that's why I corrected @dansup post. It's not only about fediverse, it's about opensource.

Gargron made a decision. He publicly ignores anyone who have different opinions than his own and it's his right.


for me main opensource rule is "no one owe you anything". Some people just don't get it and may get enraged.

I am not an exception here. It just happens eventually and then I feel like an idiot. :)

@foxhkron @dansup

@dansup I think you've been doing a fantastic job. I feel like people don't praise enough, so you might only hear the negative opinions.

@dansup I find with many things in life just have to avoid the negative people who just like peeing all over anything. You are doing great things. The negative nancy's can go piss off...
@dansup ~ my boyfriend and I love Pixelfed. To be sure, I use it more than he does but it's fantastic to have something so polished and nice looking and NOT have it owned by 'the big guys'.
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