Imagine being the first user recommendation on Gab lmao @kaniini

@geotechland @dansup nah, looks like a screenshot from the CTO's account, probably found it posted somewhere

Ahh i see. If they create a decent groups feature, fork it 😜

@geotechland @dansup @trickster the groups feature is already implemented in Friendica. There is no need to use gab for that.

@Stem it is a social network that has forked mastodon.

@dansup OK, i readed the wikipedia article, this is one of the internet's assholes.

@dansup There appears to be a typo above ‘score’.. I believe it should start with W..


@dansup registered one a few months ago but never really used it (can’t find anything that interests me), this is screenshot from the new gab I have signed up yesterday, today (in fact yesterday in your timezone) they have accepted my invite

@dansup you can’t apply for one anymore, right now the only change (excluding rebranding, breaking custom emojis etc.) is the new UI which is just incomplete (lack of contrast, on reply screen text and background has the same color), at least its dark style.
just realized that I have switched to dark theme before checking out the default, so maybe it was fine on light one

@dansup they said they are going to contribute to mastodon and they will add new stuff soon
i’m curious what they’re going to do with groups support

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