I've re-opened registration on until further notice.

If you're looking for an instance to join that won't close down without at least 1 year notice, feel free to join!

Very good decision! Totally feel a big part of what has made mastodon successful is that there was at least 1 trustworthy instance managed by the dev.

@dansup Personally I'm waiting for someone to make a hosting service for pixelfed instances, like @mastohost who I use for my own instance.

I want to do it, but it's really not as easy as that but someday I'll do it 🤔

@Whaxion Yeah I bet it's quite difficult. All tho' If you can get an image set up with the pixelfed code and find a host that allows uploading of custom images, it could be made pretty simple. Updating the instances would be an entirely different beast tho' ... but could also probably be automated.

The easiest to do I think is still Docker, but laravel and horizon are messy to config in docker container
I already had begun a docker image but it wasn't fully working
My instance is in a docker container and I cannot go on horizon dashboard by example and the federation works randomly 🙄

@Whaxion @asko .de runs dockered since the beginning, and works quite well. What were the errors you saw?

The problem is that I don't have any errors 😐
But it's a custom image, not the one on the repo

A standard for Mastodon server administration and moderation exists in the form of a Mastodon server #convenant:

@dansup Ah, I'd been meaning to start using pixelfed. I'm in!

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