Circles functionality might be useful on the fediverse (the only thing I liked on the late G+), don't you think?

You could create lists of people (eg. IRL friends / colleagues / shitpost buddies / etc) that you could address particular posts to (or even say 'post to all followers except colleagues').

In Mastodon terms, the dropdown that has Public / Followers-only / Direct options would additionally have each of your circles. Effectively this would work like a group DM, except without having to @ mention (and posts would appear in the feed, not notifications).

In ActivityPub pub terms instead of the 'public' flag or followers Collection being addressed, it could address it directly to each circle member's actor, or to a Collection that represents them. Still need to think through how the list of members could be private (they wouldn't be public, but may need to be knowable to their members so that replies can be addressed, or maybe we just go further and have a Group actor for each circle).
Why not just have standard groups, you say? Well we need those too (and they are coming to the fediverse in various places), but this is a bit different: you can address a post to several circles at once, rather than post it only in the context of one group ; and ideally circle names and members are known only to the OP. Its a privacy and sanity preservation feature....
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