Since when was PixelFed built on Blockchain?

@heluecht @dansup @Jelv
and I thought Plemora is the legit way to ironically refer to Pleroma....

@dansup Mastadon, Plemora and PixelFred seem to be very popular, why haven't I heard of these before? 🤣

Oh this hurts 😅

@dansup Even, there is a domain already registered...
pixelfred.de/ with pixelfed


Where was this Pixelfred list at?

This prompted me to do some web surfing. And Low and behold, it's been stated on Wired, no less. That Federated social networks won't work.

I also noticed that these contributors, had contributed no other tripe.


@randynose @dansup
""Social networks, in particular, are difficult to bootstrap due to network effects—we join them because our friends are there, not for ideological reasons like decentralization""

I'm actually using decentralised systems because of ideological reasons... Friends will come sooner or later, decentralization is like a good virus. It is, and will expand. Thanks to US.

@nitox @randynose @dansup I use i mostly I like people around 🤔 And I don't like the changes Facebook and Twitter do.

Oh, and yeah, some ideological reasons... just a bit 😂

@alexcleac @nitox @dansup

I've been on the fringe of Tech since I started. What the Wired article doesn't recall is that back in the BBS days, we HAD decentralized hubs, so the idea of that we needed a Google or FB to make communications happen seemed like the super EASY way to do things. Not necessarily the best.

@dansup >Mastodon announces Pixelfed
>Instagram on blockchain

Why everything is so cursed?
@dansup because noone wants truth, everyone wants hot takes

@dansup Are you getting Pixelfed up with people misunderstanding your work? (sorry for the bad pun)

@dansup when will people understand the difference between decentralization and blockchain


decentralized and blockchain are opposites

@dansup I didn't know that Pixelfed was built on blockchain! 💪😎

@dansup The problem is that your marketing stays too close to the truth ^^

@dansup@mastodon.social PixelFredCoin when? "The only virtual currency backed by the power of GIFs!"

@dansup On the other hand, the list in the third picture misspells at least two other Fediverse-compatible servers: Mastadon and Plemora 😂 From where I sit Pixelf(r?)ed is marketed just right 👌
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