One of the oldest pixelfed instances went down without any notice affecting hundreds of users, many who have contacted me about letting them join

I kind of regret closing registrations. Gives me a whole new perspective that I never considered before.

@dansup did you see that is having the exact same discussion from the reverse perspective?

Really interesting to compare the perspectives and rationale

@davidoclubb Yeah, ultimately if users do not have a trusted instance to join, it will become an issue. has 10k users but only 10% are active.

@dansup Have you heard from the admin? Some explanation is needed when advance notice is not given.

@lnxw37a2 I have not, their last mastodon post is a few months old. The instance has been down for a few months too.

@dansup Yes, I had similar thoughts when mastosoc closed registrations for a while...

While we want decentralization, closing the biggest instance confuses new users imo...


i'm glad i'm on #pixelfedsocial. it's one of the reasons why i can bring it to the show.

@dansup This and upgrades (instances running old deprecated versions) are a problem of decentralisation and impossible to solve.

@desikn @dansup They are not impossible to solve.

- Mike describes below how his software defends against vanishing instances.
- There are projects that upgrade themselves just fine.
The best thing we came up with as a defense against this happening to *you* was nomadic identity or account mirroring on multiple servers. It's the best thing I could come up with which gave individuals a way to maintain their online identity and carry on unaffected if their preferred server (and hence their online existence) vanished in the night without warning. This happened a lot in 2011 when this work was initially done. The issue became polarised in the fediverse and only a couple of projects currently support this mechanism.
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