Re joined facebook and the People You May Know feature is so creepy 😬

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@dansup It keeps suggesting a former coworker I really liked who died recently.

Also, it appears to use people’s location habits to drive recommendations.

@mkb it appears to use everything it only can gather about you for recommendations, including, if you are using Messenger, your SMS and other things. Facebook is pure evil.


@dansup Yeah, especially when you don't know any of those people.

@dansup It even suggest people from hte adress book of your secundary email, even if it is not linked in any way to your primary email. Really creepy.

You clearly re-joined the dark side of the force.

@dansup when I was on FB that damn feature kept suggesting a former roommate of my ex from before the ex and I moved in all the time for a long time.

Years after I had parted ways with my ex (before Facebook even existed, and who was never on my friends list).

And my ex hated the guy and wouldn't have been friends with him either.

Yeah. FB be Creepy. And completely without tact.

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