I’m tempted to write a separate Pixelfed mobile app for admins and moderators.

The UI/UX for users and admins is almost too much for a single app.

What do you think?

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@dansup do admins really need to manage everything from their phone ? (and everything that could not already be done in the web app ?)

I personally don't see the need to do that, apart from quickly adding a CW or removing content in the TL, but I'd thinks it's worse the cost of developing an app for that.

@dansup i'm the sole user of my Pixelfed instance, but if this existed for mastodon for example, i'd use it :)

@dansup administration from browser should be enough. Maybe implement moderating tools?
Keep the app simple.

@dansup sounds like a good idea, maybe it could become the new norm. This way you can include all admin and moderation features in the app rather than a subset.

@dansup 2 separate apps are fine, most moderation can happen on computer / browser. Also this keeps user app simple

@dansup I agree with the several folks who have said that we instance admins probably don't need admin functions in an app.. we can easily open our instance admin panels via a browser on the phone if urgent.

Maybe simple mod activities could be included for immediate action on suspect posts with follow up activities requiring the web interface, but even then its a nice to have rather than a requirement.
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