Added Polls support, they will federate and are similar to Mastodon polls with the exception of notifications when the poll closes.

@dansup As in that weird Question+Note with title or Question+Answer like Pleroma internally does?

@dansup why does pixelfed need polls?
I have the impression that pixelfed is doing what all the other social networks of GAFAM are doing: copying each other and adopting all the same functionalities... What's next, a shop on pixelfed?

@retiolus Maybe you never used Instagram, but they have had Polls for years. They are used in Stories a lot.

This is more about compatibility with other fediverse projects, a pixelfed user can vote on a poll created by a mastodon user. I doubt many pixelfed users will create Polls but they may vote in many created by other implementations!

@dansup good answer 🙂

PS: don't add a shop please

@dansup This is great actually, Masto does not support polls with images, which stymied a few fun bot ideas of mine. :)

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