@cleverdevil You do know that I see everything on Micro.blog, right? I may already know your surprise... 🕵️‍♀️


@jean on Mastodon I'm seeing all posts from you that are obviously replies to people and start with an @ username. For me anyway this is a no go, and one of my problems when I tried micro.blog a while back. I only want to see replies if I follow both people. Hopefully this is something the micro.blog team can fix, sadly until then I'll probably not be following any micro.blog accounts here.

@danvpeterson @jean I get that. We added the option on Micro.blog to see only the replies to people you follow. I'm talking to Manton about not seeing replies cross-MB/Mastodon. I am also seeing Mastodon people's replies to people I'm not following on Mastodon, on the MB timeline. Do. Not. Want.

@jean @jean good to know, thanks! Feels like a really interesting idea to have them integrated like this so I'm hoping these types of details can be worked out.

@danvpeterson@mastodon.social I have an idea for why all the replies are showing up in the Mastodon timeline. I'll be testing the fix soon.

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