By the way: You have time until 15 May for leaving . Then, it will become mandatory to accept the new terms and conditions in order to use it (which was never advised in the first place).

I recommend using the Android app created by @dsoft which lets you auto-respond to incoming WhatsApp messages via the notifications' reply option. You can enter a custom text like:

"Sorry, I've switched to XMPP. Text me via Thanks."

Download: πŸ”—

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Do you use Watomatic?

@datenschutzratgeber @dsoft Left Whatsapp the minute Facebook became involved. It is an irrelevant app anyways,

@datenschutzratgeber It is great to see many of you do not have WhatsApp. Way to go! Soon Watomatic will work for Facebook too (and may be Instagram too but need to test it before I say it out loud) so you can get rid of them one by one πŸ˜ƒπŸ™Œ

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