My trips to the grocery store this past week have revealed something crucial to my short-term future:

It is Egg Nog Season™

@davedelong Egg nog. Had a bad experience with it in my 20s with Vodka. Can't go near it now, without a gag reflex ;)

@jeffmc We love making our own (using Alton Brown's recipe), but that's the great stuff.

I didn't really like it as a kid either, but basically love it now.

@davedelong Nat Irons makes a great one. Packs a punch, though ;)

@jeffmc @davedelong I’m absolutely not a fan of egg nog either, but Nat’s one was indeed good!

@whakkee @jeffmc @davedelong my theory is most people's problem with egg nog isn't the favor, but the texture.

@davedelong I wish more name brand ice cream manufacturers produced egg nog ice cream

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