That NYT article about the Twitter bots makes me hope even harder for Mastodon to succeed.

@davidk01 I could be wrong, but my impression is that Twitter lets bots flourish because they like the engagement numbers bots provide. Mastodon moderators don't have that incentive and are more likely to delete bots.


@gregpak I see. That makes sense. Lack of engagement and vitality metrics makes Mastodon a less viable place for bots.

@gregpak But people actually like engagement and virality. All the commercial social networks have stopped presenting posts in chronological order and optimize for stickiness instead. Even though people complain the retention numbers don't lie. People spend more time on sites that optimize engagement.

@gregpak I think ultimately people don't mind letting platforms decide their consumption habits as long as they are entertained. I used to think it was more sinister but now that I use Twitter and Mastodon I can see why people prefer Twitter even with all the boots and hate groups.

@gregpak Mastodon is more work whereas Twitter mostly gives me what I expect.

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