it turns out that NYTimes "Privacy Project" was a honeypot for privacy advocates all along (who built a ladder of legitimacy for Google to climb), not just readers (who had their data pilfered by tons of Big Tech trackers).

@aendrew to see the trackers, use an adblocker like uBlock, which will give you a list of the trackers, or refer to @better @better 's list:

archived version of the article:

it coincides with Google's privacy push at Google I/O:

@diggity @better @better Cheers, thanks 👍 Will take a proper look in the morning!


Following the rabbit, -> -> -> ->

Privacy and Security for Top-Tier Institutions and Small Organizations alike."


@Adaizen thanks! that's for my consulting (feel free to reach out about it) but I also have something else in the works I expect to announce this summer... hopefully sooner rather than later.

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