why isnt my band famous. someone give us a load of money. we'll do an album i swear

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@interpretnull we're really good!!!!!!! retro tinged synthpop. but the drums are quite bomfy. we're doing an EP

@interpretnull addendum: the drums on this one could have been bomfier

@envgen Yeah erm, pockets ain't that deep. I will 100% give you $10 for your EP when it's out.

@envgen It's genuinely really nice, fuck labels (I co-own two so I am allowed to say that) put it up there and see what comes back. My two are weird classical and electro/hip-hop focussed so not ideal.

@envgen Shit, took me ages to realise that wasn't a still image! 😂 Clever. I actually really like this. Strong work!

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