before i pay some stranger on fiverr to record me a horn section, are there any horn players on masto looking to make a quick buck $$

would settle for trumpet, trombone, alto and bari sax

i play with several brass bands
most are volunteer and activist bands, so money is not our prime motivator (but undoubtedly helpful in 'murica)

do you want to send me the parts?
how much money?

btw, we rehearse on monday nights (boston MA)

@js0000 ooh sounds cool

what im looking for is a tight four part steely dan-esque horn section (two trumpets, trombone and sax, or trumpet, trombone and two saxes), close mic'd

all the parts are written, and there's 8 bars in the middle for a short trumpet solo

the prices on fiverr were pushing $120 for what i wanted, so below that would be magnificent as i dont have very much money

if that sounds like something you could facilitate please let me know!!!

we're more of a "live" band and don't really have access to a recording studio. so "close mic-ing" is not something i think we could do.
i have a zoom recorder and if you have the parts, we could take a look at them and i could send you a wav/mp3, but it's going to have the "live" sound, which may not be what you want.

@js0000 ah dang, yeah the live and roomy sound just wouldn't work with this song unfortuantely. thanks for your help anyway!!

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