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Erdal ✅ 🕊️power to the people @eox

Volume 3

If you've read our previous editions & would like to participate with an article in the upcoming volume, please get in touch.

We are @kintsugi on Mastodon, @kintsugim on twitter, @kintsugim on IG. Our blog is at

We cover nearly all themes. At our core lies acceptance, tolerance & inclusion. Power to the people is what we are interested in.

Both existing contributors and new contributors are welcome.

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@eox @kintsugi Mobile users might not enjoy that you have to click on two links to get to the PDF.

@CrimSun @eox @kintsugi On mobile epub would be the best option but should people want pdf that is available too.

In terms of clicks. We will try to see how that can be improved but two clicks isn't that bad. We hope readers wont see the additional click too much of a hassle.

Thank you for the feedback.