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When I go to the bottom of my timeline on mobile, the site acts like it's loading something else, but then freezes my timeline so I can't scroll up or down anymore. I have to reload the page to navigate the site again, and still can't get anything older to load. @Support

My partner and I went to the greenhouse on campus today, and it was really beautiful! There were so many cool plants, and even a couple parrots. 🌱✨ ^__^

Goodnight masto friends. :heart:

@starbornkit If it helps, I made a user guide to help people keep up with the changes! It's :)

Tempted to make a please pet page for my cat now tbh

Y'all I'm cackling

Okay I gave in, feel free to pet me.

@Murilega I petted you a few times :)

@stitch I think I have it linked on the instance page! :)

@datapup That's okay! I'll do a look through soon and find it. Thanks again. :)

@anummabrooke I'm glad! Thanks for having a look!

@datapup Also, I've already done what you suggested in terms of hyperlinking between questions. Are there sections in which you feel there should be hyperlinks that I missed? If so, could you tell me where so I can add them?

@datapup Thank you so much! This is a really good suggestion, and I'm glad you brought it up. I'll definitely go through and try to differentiate the two more. Thanks. :)

@yllamana I'm so glad! ^__^

Oops, here's a direct link (hopefully):

Hey!! is up!! It's an FAQ about mastodon. If yall could pass it around to help out confused/newer users, I'd really appreciate it! Also, if you see any mistakes, or find anything confusing, please let me know. :)

Hey friends! I finished my sculpture for class. It's called "Prelude of the Wolf," and is meant to be symbolic of some of my feelings as a minority in today's society.
#mastoart #creativetoots

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hi i uh. really hate to do these posts. especially one like now, where i cant ask for money for anything tangible i can show off afterward to y'all. but.. im a poor, trans navy veteran, and ive been struggling to get by. ive been saving money, as best i can, cuz im gonna have to move within a year(ish), and i will no longer have the monetary support i did. i own very little, if you want to make existing easier for me, links:

@Support The load more button on mobile is broken for me now. Clicking it highlights the button and does nothing else.