I don't want to maintain my emacs-based blog engine anymore. Any opinions on static site generators?

@federicomena Hakyll looks nice and I heard good things about it, but I never used it myself

@federicomena 😱 has been a lot of years with your​ emacs-based blog!

I use Jekyll, jus because is the one that GitHub pages provides by default. It's nice to write in markdown and have the code blocks rendered with github-markdown style.

Also,, I haven't tried, but seems to be nice too.

@erich I have been procrastinating *forever* on adding things like categories, single-article posts, drafts... but I don't want to reinvent that wheel anymore. Was fun for a while, though :)

(... and I really really want syntax highlighting for code examples.)

@federicomena I'm very happy with Pelican.

The pages/articles are Markdown (can also do reStructuredText) in a git repo, and on the server I have a post-receive hook which rebuilds the website automatically.

@federicomena I'm really satisfied with Pelican, but I've heard good things about Jekyll. The website has a good list with overviews of the most common generators.

@federicomena Few years ago, I started to convert my #Wordpress blog to #Nikola. It was quite fun and #RST is really cool as there is a single implementation. But it seems that #Mardown won the war. So, when I recently have to select a new static generator again, I give #Hugo a try. I find it really interesting as it is really agnostic about the site it generates, while #Pelican and #Nikola are tainted by #blog concepts.

@guyou Oh, that's interesting. I am having some trouble with Pelican, as I *think* it only supports a single blog in a site, and I need more than one.

@federicomena So take a look at #Hugo. It implicitly come with a *section* topic offering the ability to fine tune the rendering of each section.
The counter part is you need to go deeper in the templating engine.
But I imagine that an #emacs user cannot be afraid by that sort of challenge. 😉

@federicomena As an example, the following site is made with #Hugo:
One section contains static pages, an other is rendered as a calendar. As an extension, I would be able to add an other section as a collection of posts, etc.

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