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feld @feld

You want to contribute to FreeBSD? Run this on your servers to find packages you have installed which have no maintainer. If you feel comfortable enough with the software to become the maintainer, please do!

pkg query -e '%m = "ports@FreeBSD.org"' %o

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@theru It's worth remembering that (if FreeBSD is like OpenBSD) that may not mean that a package has no maintainer. In OpenBSD it's often used to signify "I just want all mail related to this package to reach me via ports@openbsd.org"
On this topic, time to run upgrades #openbsd.
@tekk :-) true but doesn't hurt to check

@tekk @theru no, in FreeBSD maintainer email address has to be a person's email. If it's ports@FreeBSD.org that means it has no dedicated maintainer.

Sometimes that's better because any committer can do things to the port without waiting on any approvals.

@theru Oh, and for those of you who want the #openbsd equivalent: cd into /usr/ports and run make search key="ports@openbsd.org" | grep Port