After about 3 months of De-Googling and looking for more FOSS/private solutions for the services I use in general I'm about to throw in the towel and just dump what I have back in Google. Am I the only one who realizes I'm missing out leaving an ecosystem? Why is this so fucking hard to put together?

The biggest issue? I've given up 10+ years of technology and feel like I'm trapped back in 2005 in nearly every service I use.

@chris What is it about the FOSS/private solutions that make you feel like being trapped back in 2005?

I've been starting to think that I should spend more of my personal project time in contributing to one or more of the FOSS "de-google" projects. So I am very curious to know what need you are seeing, in case it might line up with my skills/interests as something to invest time in helping improve.

@kcoram For the most part it's how little things work together and how much maintenance I'm doing, again, on said services. Maps is probably the biggest pain point though. Osmand is really hard to use for day to day

@chris My current nebulous thoughts on it all is that we (the FOSS/Fediverse community sort of people) need to figure out how to basically make it all like appliances that Just Work.

Things like the #freedombox are in the right direction, but the self-hosted services I'm interested in aren't all on that (yet?).

A more-or-less turnkey #nextcloud + #mastodon + ___ would almost do it for me. I can roll my own, but it gets tiring.

I haven't a clue how I'd replace Google Maps, though. :/



Thanks for the shout-out, Kevin! You're right that FreedomBox is missing some in-demand features, like Nextcloud and an e-mail server. But we're working on it, and we appreciate your support in the meantime.

@freedomboxfndn Good to know, thanks! I'll impatiently wait for the new features :)

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