I think today marks the day I've received my first ever racist & homophobic reply on the fediverse.

On the one hand it's impressive it actually took more than a year for it to happen, on the other hand it's just mind-blowing what fucked-up reactions a simple photo of a pink park bench can provoke in some people. 🙄

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@fribbledom You are a fucking white cis male

Well, people can be totally dumb sometimes


Nope, about to report it though. If you can't see it, maybe this particular user/instance is already blocked by

@fribbledom If so send it to me in a private/direct message. I'm all sorts of curious now.

@fribbledom @jordan31

i can't see it either. i'm not particularly interested in what they thought they had to say, but i've been looking at the toots i can see and trying to work out which one is racist and homophobic.

@fribbledom there's... several.. not so nice comments on that bench post


Wow, now I'm curious what replies I'm not getting to see here. I only see one clearly offensive reply.

@fribbledom maybe I'm more sensitive, or it's that I don't have any instances blocked, not sure.. I'm not going to screencap it

@fribbledom man I'm grateful my instance is good cause I can't see them 😣 I'm sorry you're dealing with that shit

@fribbledom *opens in browser and looks*

Wow both homophobia and antisemitism in one go. Damn.

@fribbledom Wow, I'm not sure whether I already had that jackass blocked or whether my instance defederated with his, but I'm sure not complaining

@fribbledom unfortunately it pretty much being an autoparody doesn't help..

I mean, yeah, if you're in an echo chamber, it's going to be very unlikely to come across things you don't like. It's pretty much the modern filter-bubble style of the web, but it shouldn't be representative of the fediverse.

Reported and domain-blocked the asshole. Also, boosted the bench. If I could, I'd make it the most famous fucking bench in the whole Fediverse. We should call it, the Freedom Bench. Just to piss off all the co-opters of freedoms everywhere.

Haven't got any antisemetic comments yes. But I know they are on the way. The big commercial social networks automatically block them but some times one slips through.

What makes we really sad is that there is a company that I really want to work for, but I know I have no chance of getting hired because of my religion.


When you're such a twat you get "triggered" by a pink park-bench. :pinkdragnmelt:​

@fribbledom Curiously until you linked the instance I could not see that, and I don't think I have that instance blocked. I wonder why that's happened.

I assume the comment has been removed?  I followed the link and didn't see anything hateful.  Maybe the splinters comment?

Maybe I'm just missing some context.

I can't see it either - I assume it's either been deleted or the user has been banned...

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