I think today marks the day I've received my first ever racist & homophobic reply on the fediverse.

On the one hand it's impressive it actually took more than a year for it to happen, on the other hand it's just mind-blowing what fucked-up reactions a simple photo of a pink park bench can provoke in some people. 🙄



Nope, about to report it though. If you can't see it, maybe this particular user/instance is already blocked by fosstodon.org?

@fribbledom If so send it to me in a private/direct message. I'm all sorts of curious now.

@fribbledom @jordan31

i can't see it either. i'm not particularly interested in what they thought they had to say, but i've been looking at the toots i can see and trying to work out which one is racist and homophobic.

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