What do you think? Aren't these colors just breathtaking? 😍

Homemade 3D printed nano-leaves, powered by a NodeMCUv2 and WS2812 LEDs.

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@fribbledom used to have a game kind of like simon but it was 15 squares and same concept with patterns. Had the exact color patterns as shown here, I would sit there for hours amazed by it. These are cool!

@fribbledom What a coincidence, I've also played with RGB LEDs last weekend :D

Unfortunately I don't have a 3d printer anymore, so it doesn't look as cool as your project.


I'm sure there are a few. Search for "nano leaf clone", maybe.

I started printing this design and the rest was just a matter of hooking up a bunch of WS2812 LEDs to an ESP and a bit of soldering:

@fribbledom Thats a really cool design! Is there a Thingyverse link for that? =)

@fribbledom Love the WS28* LEDs and projects using them. Have a meaningless Mastodon favourite from me ☺

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