Observed: configuring CUPS printers at 2am probably isn't good for my mental well-being...

Ok, I got it all sorted out. CUPS and I, we're good. For today...

@fribbledom my entire experience with CUPS is uninstalling it when I accidentally install it because none of my computers can talk to printers

@fribbledom probably not. But neither is configuring LXD containers @ 3:00am. ;-)

@fribbledom let’s be real here, you’re never actually good with cups. You just reach a point of uneasy truce. An ad-hoc ceasefire.

@fribbledom You don't have to use CUPS. You can open a terminal and use lp:
lp -d myprinter -o file name
Depending on the printer, you also may have to write one or two bash files to make it work, but... That's more fun than CUPS, right? 😆

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