Fresh from the heat-bed:

a desk-mountable headphone holder for @penguwin


Depends a bit on your budget, but:

low-end: Ender 3
mid-range: Anycubic Mega S, Creality CR10S
high-end: Prusa i3 mk3

@fribbledom Oh interesting, thanks :blobcathappy:​ I've been looking at Prusa i3 kits, being a RepRap build and such, but I didn't know it was highly esteemed.


I mean, you can also go totally crazy and get one of those >$1k machines, that are even better built and a bit more user-friendly. But in my view, that's not a first-time printer, just like a Porsche isn't a first-time car 😆

With all those printers I mentioned you'll learn a lot more about 3D printing than with the $$$ plug-n-play machines.

In that price segment, Prusa offers fantastic quality, constantly advancing the current state of the art for an entire industry.


That's also why you see so many Prusa clones out there, of course. They're just tailgating whatever Prusa keeps releasing.


That's rather what I want to avoid; I want to buy a kit and build myself, and learn. But they've been so expensive, and when I looked around the prices now, I can finally afford it

I got like loads of PLA 1.75mm fillament from a 3D pen laying around :'D


If you're into kits, the Prusa is highly recommended then. The Ender 3 is also nice to build, but support and the manual suffer in comparison with Prusa's.

The anycubic Mega S is pretty much the best plug-n-play model you can get in its price range: there's a total of 8 screws, everything else is prebuilt and ready to print.

@fribbledom I've been thinking about getting a 3D printer lately, but it's hard to say I want it for anything beyond the novelty. This is pretty cool for some actual utility. Do you use yours for many practical things, or is it largely the toy I expect mine would be?


Maybe 50/50. I do print tons of custom cases for Arduino devices I build, or the odd replacement parts like a broken keyboard foot or light switch. I also print a lot of goofy sculptures or figures with it, though 😆

It certainly doesn't disappoint as a hobby.


Yeah, I've been mainly planning to use it for tabletop RPG and war game minis. I'd kinda like to fiddle with 3D modeling a bit, though, so I might try to do some useful stuff with it, but at the same time... I don't really know how much I actually need it compared to just really, really wanting one.

@fribbledom @penguwin
You're mastering this quickly.
I attended a talk where the speaker develops 3D printed universe maps for sight impaired students of astronomy.
Brilliant woman. Not remembering her name just now.

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