Good deed for the weekend:

Just released mastotool v0.1, a (growing) collection of tools to access the Mastodon API from the terminal.

Generates lovely statistics for your account and lets you search your toots for keywords, so far.

Get it here:

(On Arch you can simply install package 'mastotool')

Just a heads up: this used to be called 'statootstics', but even I couldn't type or pronounce that correctly... so clearly it was a bad choice and the name had to be changed before the first proper release 😂

A bad pun always beats a pronoinceable name :)

I envy alle the people who make Python libraries who keep coming up with punny names which also make sense, even if you don't get the pun.

I start a little something some time ago and have already changed the name more often than I've committed to the repo...


Heh, better, but I think I'll stick with mastotool, now that I've released something under this name 😉

How about statistoots? Or tootistics?

Basically any other way than how you had it at first 😅

@fribbledom Nice! I haven't tried it yet, but I'm wondering if you have considered making the statistics from the export dumps, instead of having to login and fetch all the toots every time?

Or does it cache somehow for the next time you run it?


No, so far it really fetches all your toots from the API.

Caching requests and an export command from the command line is on my todo-list, however.

I'll look into the format of the data dumps, maybe we can easily re-use them.

@fribbledom My thinking was that I take regular backups of the account anyway, so it's a pity to not use the data which is already there.

Also, it might be interesting to compare statistics of the account from week to week...

@fribbledom would be nice if I could use my @fedilab exports and then run the tool from on my phone. :)

oh, btw, I know it's probably obvious, but maybe add a && cd mastotools to the install instructions? :)


Since they offer a Mastodon compatible API, it should. Let me know 😉

@fribbledom after having done a couple of searches and attempts at stats, I eventually noticed I was getting throttled by the Mastodon server. Any chance mastotool can display a warning when it notices it is getting throttled, rather than having it appear to be stuck on the progress percentage?


Not currently due to a limitation of the upstream API, I'm afraid.

It does however not get stuck, as it will use a backoff approach and keeps retrying requests. While it's not ideal from a user experience perspective, it will at least handle the situation correctly for you and eventually proceed.

fair enough :)

For the authentication URL, might auto-copying the URL be an idea, either by a configured preferred cli copy command, or automatically by detecting e.g. pbcopy, xclip, termux-clipboard-set, or maybe even auto-opening via open or similar?
(Especially on for Android it's a bit cumbersome to try to select the URL via touch controls.)

@fribbledom Hhmm, now this has got me curious about some graphs. Especially graphs that can be done in the terminal.

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