Round 1, Match 6 of the 3rd Programming Language World Championships!

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Not a fan of C#, but still find it more consistent and rigourous than Ruby. That's important to me

@fribbledom This one's a hard one. :blobwoah:
Chosing ruby since C# is a microsoft project, but I like them both very much :blobheart:

@fribbledom Boosting this one cause there's no way anyone favoring C# would follow me.

@rune @fribbledom Mastodon being built in Ruby is enough to make me favor C#

@zatnosk @fribbledom All the bad parts of mastodon are implemented in node.js

@zatnosk @fribbledom Not far off it's like 30% javascript. I bet it's 99% if you count all the dependencies as code too.

@zatnosk @fribbledom I was kidding, but fuck...

Gemfile.lock: 844 lines
yarn.lock: 11544 lines

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