Philly has which, technically we're Greater Philly but Pennsylvanians tend to sneer at South Jerseyans so I feel like I should be setting up or something over here.

@jemaleddin Even I, after only three years here, know you mean "" πŸ˜‰

@gamehawk All I know is that down here I can buy a "Taylor Roll" which is weird not-quite-spam on a bagel or a biscuit or a croissant and it's disappointing. πŸ˜€

@jemaleddin "Taylor Roll" is, I am told, the mashup that results when non-Jerseyans try to appease both the "Taylor Ham" people *and* the "Pork Roll" people.

I have explained it to folks back in Kansas as "kind of a cross between bologna and Canadian Bacon, with some Spam thrown in. It's very salty." I also have to pack my suitcase with it and scrapple whenever I go back. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

@gamehawk I think that's the best explanation for Maryalnders. We only have it at a couple places. Of the two I greatly prefer Scrapple, but if you throw Spam into the mix, that's the clear winner.


@jemaleddin I'm picky about my scrapple, it turns out. None of this "Philadelphia style," it's gotta be Rapa.

(I assume this is because it's what my Wilkes-Barre relatives eat/ate and so I picked the taste up on visits.)

Pork roll is the same way: I can *tell* if it isn't Taylor, so it's not just an irrational native-Jerseyan loyalty thing when they get uptight about it.

Sadly, we don't do much of any of it at our salt-restricted household anymore.

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@jemaleddin Right? It is hopefully-temporary, but dang after reading labels it's kind of scary how much salt is in stuff.

@gamehawk It's also scary how delicious salt it. πŸ˜₯

@jemaleddin YES.

Although after awhile you adjust *some*. Some things really need salt, others are surprisingly decent without. Kettle brand potato chips, Xoxhitl tortilla chips, both come in unsalted and who knew? OTOH milk *naturally* has a lot of sodium and no-salt-added cheese doesn't even bother to exist AFAICT.

@gamehawk My wife has had to go off milk and cheese and that is a BUMMER for making group meals.

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