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Karen🥨👵🏻🌲🏖️ @gamehawk

"You will be responsible for remembering several passwords for school and personal accounts. We recommend that you minimize the number of passwords you use"

... I think my son's school just recommended password re-use.

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@gamehawk If only they had continued with "...by using a password manager, and here's what they are and how you use one..."

@lmorchard I was expecting that it and was like... you're just stopping there, with that?

I'm wondering if it was just left out, though.

Oh, that's bad. Their tech staff has been too busy to interact with the outside world?

@lnxw48a1 I honestly wonder if the bit about avoiding it by using a password manager was left out. He gets orientation (and a school-issued iPad, to his dismay) this week so I guess we'll find out then.

At least the iPad should have a way to use the Apple Keychain PW manager.
@lnxw48a1 @gamehawk From the way I read the bit about passwords, I figured it meant they should limit the amount of systems/sites they use.
@alpacaherder @gamehawk @bobjonkman If the students use the built-in password manager, they don't have to be as worried about how many accounts they open (since you can bet the school will insist they open accounts with a number of sites, such as e-learning platforms, webmail providers, standardized testing providers, and possibly some school-approved social platform). They aren't going to be thinking about who holds their data and for how long.

Still, I'm glad that her son has parents that can explain "school's device, use for school data, not personal; personal device, use for personal data, not school" ... lots of families do not have that.

@alpacaherder @lnxw48a1 I'm not sure if they were trying to say that (after telling the students they were free to install 3rd-party apps as long as they left room for school updates) or if they left out the password manager they were leading up to describing. Orientation will tell him, I guess.

Covered by the $50/year insurance they recommend:

Accidental Damage (drops/spills)
Power Surge by Lightning
Manufacturer’s Defect
Liquid Submersion

Not covered:

Intentional Damage
Lost Equipment
Government Seizure

... hold on, government seizure? What happened that they had to specify that?