autumnal halcy @halcy

@Gargron haaa, can I easily use that for other users also? Or better to just do it in the DB?

@Gargron How did I make somebody admin-y again?

icosahedron.website/ well, this is now working, hooray!

is there a locale override

@hoodie I love Murlock decks so much

@jk ARM by STM or bust

@hoodie I mean the text like, above the screenshot on about, not the one below

@hoodie I think it's all localized strings

sssso how do I edit strings I want to change site title and intro text

Fixed a ton of stuff in the Mastodon tutorial. Some typos, missed steps, etc. If you really want your own instance, check it out: urgero.org/index.php?page=howt

@hoodie it really just doesn't look very good (but I mean might as well keep it unless you need the dust, maybe it'll get a patch and you can cash out mad WHO KNOWS)

@hoodie ttthooooo as a 3 drop? mb against zoo except most still are >2 health

@hoodie It's like a baron geddon if geddon wasn't very good

@Gargron I mean the part on top! That only lets me change the thing below the screenshot, right?

@chimericalgirls @candle that sure is plenty of dragons

@Gargron is there a Correct way to change site title and the text on /about presently?