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hellojed @hellojed@mastodon.social

Hi folks, i just got laid off from my job. I'm a game developer looking for work.

I've worked in Engineering, Design, and QA, at multiple high profile seattle studios on many popular games. i have the skills and experience to match

If you know of anything please get in contact, if not feel free to boost

Portfolio: unicodeunicorn.com/


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@hellojed that sucks but it sounded like you were real unhappy there lately so I'm really hoping you land in a soft place where you can do work you love

@hellojed That sucks. wish I had some connections for you. hang in there.

@davidpgil I may reach out. looking at the Seattle area first but I'll think about relocation if that doesn't work. thank you

@hellojed looked at your work and I really like it. good luck to you

@hellojed I might have a gig doing some non-game dev if you're interested... from your LinkedIn profile you look like our sorta guy.