@hergertme In GUADEC you told me that there were some ideas to rework/repurpose Glade or something that would take its role. Is this going in that direction or is it just a way to embed Glade in Builder?


@aledomu Gtk 3 has a limited lifetime. We aren't going to waste a lot of time on it. So just getting glade working soon means we have *something* working. We'll have to do something new for when we move to Gtk 4.

@hergertme @aledomu I'm really interested in a new paradigm in building UI than what we have done with Glade. I know we have discussed this. Looking forward to seeing how this works in GTK4.

@sri @hergertme Is this being discussed on any mailing list/GitLab issue/whatever?

@aledomu @sri Nope, Last year I sent out a private email to people who I knew had insight that was important for me to take into account while I think about it. No plans yet, other than Juan and I want to team up to do it.

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