So, anybody has recommendations for a replacement?


@mathieu Well, I think a lot of the uses of SQLite could be replaced by LMDB+GVariant serialization. But I never got around to finishing that for libgom.

However, it's not like Howard (LMDB author) is known for being particularly nice either. At least he isn't religious afaik.

@hergertme I'm not even sure the SQLite devs are actual religious bigots.

This looks more like they think this is a funny way to "troll the SJW who keep pestering us with their CoCs". So clever. 🙄

@mathieu My understanding (haven't met him personally), is that he is very Mormon. So much that other other Mormons talk about how important it is that he is Mormon. Which is why I knew about his Mormonness having grown up in a Mormon family.


Will obviously the trolling works for you who is getting upset about someones view about religion XD This makes me want to support SQL light even more lol

@hergertme trying to explore the more positive side of this thread… do you have a link to a resource showing how LMDB+GVariant serialization could look like?

The `db.get('id')` queries to retrive the value seem simple enough, but I'm especially having a hard time figuring out queries with multiple conditions…

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