we live in an age of surveillance, tracking, targeted ads and the whole dystopia

and sites STILL show me temperature in Fahrenheit!

come on people, use all this data for something useful for once! I know you know who I am!

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At least, that way you'll know when we reach Fahrenheit 451.

@hisham_hm Yes, that's a disgrace indeed. Everybody should use Kelvins.

@hisham_hm I rarely use an ATM, but whenever I do use one it irks me by asking which official language I want.
At bare fucking minimum they know that about me!

@gemlog @hisham_hm

Curiously the ones at Asda (British Wal*Mart) give me a choice of English, French or German, but those outside banks in Ipswich and Felixstowe are English only.

Presumably in Wales you might get Welsh (I''ve never used an ATM there!)

I'm not sure if the ATM *does* even know your preferred language or that many details, AFAIK they still work on the same batch processing methods they did in the 1970s, but with an Embedded Windows front end..

@gemlog @hisham_hm @vfrmedia Some, like in Japan from my experience, automatically switch the displayed language as soon as you insert the card (since they can easily know the issuing bank of the card, and hence its language or maybe even more introspection if querying the bank about the account holder?)

@gemlog @hisham_hm @vfrmedia Of course in some years, with mandatory biometrics everywhere, and since every ATM has at least 2 cameras, the mere fact of presenting your face in front of one of them could prompt it to change its display based on who it recognized...

@gemlog @hisham_hm @vfrmedia But this "ideal" biometrics everywhere future is in race with another "cash-less" future, where ATMs will become hence useless, and all bets are off into knowing which one of these two futures will appear first.

@pmevzek @hisham_hm @vfrmedia
In the early 80's when ATM's were just beginning to spread across Canada I read an issue of SciAm that introduced me to public key encryption and cashless societies.
At the height of the cold war it warned that this was the single-most effective way of tracking and controlling a populace.
Recent advancements in biometrics have only increased this threat to endemic levels and our only trust is in capitalist controlled governments? Not good is it?

@gemlog @hisham_hm @vfrmedia Governments force more and more restrictions on cash transactions: the maximum amount shrinks over the years, banks will force you to give explanation of where does it come from if you try to put some amount on your account (and at the same time, people are able to move millions or even billions across states without being caught it seems), etc. etc. Clearly some hope to get rid of cash to be able to track any money exchange...

@pmevzek @gemlog @hisham_hm

it seems that only (some?) Canadian banks have multiple languages, tried a number of UK banks and they only allow English (even those operating in Wales) and for NL only Dutch, so maybe the language selection thing is more common in Canada (and in big cities elsewhere that attract tourists?)

@vfrmedia @pmevzek @hisham_hm
I have used ATM's from Prince Rupert to Halifax and all are multilingual.

@gemlog @pmevzek @hisham_hm

just had a look at a few Canadian banks and they do indeed all have EN and FR sites for online banking (one had Chinese as well) - which few other countries have (even when there is more than one official language, eg I couldn't find an online bank in Welsh)

@vfrmedia @pmevzek @hisham_hm
In my province and town most banks display a poster of which languages are spoken at that branch.
We need them to support mandarin (and also canto in vancouver).
Punjabi is a pretty common language, but I have never seen it on an ATM.

@pmevzek @hisham_hm @vfrmedia
That mere fact wouldn't work here in Canada, because every chartered bank is, at least, bilingual, these being French and English.
However, every banking form I have ever filled out in my life *always* asks for my language preference. Always.

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