Just discovered that in Safari if you push a tab all the way over it icon-ifies it. Handy πŸ™‚

@intherain Pinned tabs! They also appear in every Safari window, extremely handy!

@benzoate what what?! some else with a memoji avatar? And I was just complaining yesterday about Google Authenticator, so I'm totes checking out your app rn.

@intherain Gotta get that value from the $1000 meme machine. If you didn’t buy it yet I can generate a code for you if you’d like?

@benzoate Thanks :) but $2 is a price that makes it easy to support independent developers, so no worries.

@intherain Thank you :) Hope you find value in it. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

@benzoate It's not popping up on my apple watch, does it only work with series 4? (I have a 3) So far, otherwise, loving it.

@intherain It should work fine. Worth double checking that it’s installed in the watch app.

After installing and launching on the watch you’ll need to open the phone app once to allow the codes to sync.


@benzoate Yeah it's weird, in the watch app it's not showing up in the installed or available app sections. If I click "open" on it in the watch app store it opens the toucan phone app. I've tried dismissing both the toucan app and the watch app and re-opening to see if it would jog something but, so far nope πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Don't know what the watch app's rules are for polling for new apps to install.. maybe it will show up in a bit?

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@intherain Hopefully it shows up soon… Might also help if you restart your phone

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