So Wired is literally spoiling Game of Thrones in its headlines.

@Gargron Washington Post has an article headlined "Who dies in ‘Avengers: Endgame’? Here are the four biggest spoilers" so you can read it and spoil it for OTHER PEOPLE without the hassle of seeing the movie yourself. 😡

@gamehawk I mean, how do you deal with that? Why do they think it is okay to do that? So frustrating

@Gargron @gamehawk So I logged in and saw this and was all "YEAH, FUCK THAT GUY" and I don't even know who you're talking about

@ivanvector @Gargron I don't either so he may have been joking but overall there are a lot of people going "I plan to livetweet spoilers, mute or unfollow if you need to" which is interesting... I mean, it's different from a movie release where by necessity people will be seeing it over the course of a couple weeks, but still... isn't the US west coast GoT time-delayed, never mind international watching?

@gamehawk @Gargron I would think, if it's so important to you to not learn these spoilers before seeing the film, that you'd take the initiative yourself to avoid all personal contact. To me, the art is in the discussion, and if the culture is that you can't even talk about it, what's even the point?

I haven't seen GoT at all and the toxic fan culture has taken me right out of the MCU series of films. I just can't be bothered, there's too much GOOD art.

@ivanvector @Gargron There's basically a two-week embargo but after that it's fair game. It seems a decent compromise.

And of course if you are doing content warnings or separate Slack channels or what-have-you, then immediate discussion is fair game, and given that I don't generally mess with Twitter anymore (bar checking a read-only list of media types sometimes) I feel pretty safe.

(Also I saw Endgame yesterday and gave up worrying about GoT spoilers so now I'm really safe.)


@gamehawk @Gargron Ooh, I realize my earlier toot ("if it's so important to you", etc) might have come off as confrontational. I meant in the general sense, not *you* specifically.

I suppose "don't be a dick" applies to all of this, in the sense that the mystery is part of the art, and spoiling someone else's experience of that art is something worth avoiding.

@gamehawk @Gargron Personally I don't care for that sort of art, I prefer a good story that's still a good story if you already know the outcome. But that's just my own personal taste, my opinion doesn't invalidate anyone else's film-consuming experience. Or shouldn't, anyway.

*watches Futurama for the 10,000th time*

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