@jackdaw_ruiz I don't know who any of those people are and the video titles alone make me hate them.

love too pick colors that are used by collectivist hymenoptera

@zyla @jackdaw_ruiz "please stop putting raccoons in the trunk of your car and driving on public roads to let them out near my garbage"


being a nu-right content creator is hard. i recently had to quit. if i may be so tacky as to link you to the bird site since i don't have the video hosted elsewhere...


@jackdaw_ruiz Do I hate fluoridated water? No. Do I love fluoridated water? CERTAINLY NOT!!!

@jackdaw_ruiz Y'all have naturally occurring over-flouridated water, right?


we just don't fluoridate without having regular naturally occurring levels. it came up for a vote a few years back and got shat.

@jackdaw_ruiz Crap, sorry. I thought the fluoridated aquifer spread more up north 😕

Man, that must suck. Why was it shelved? Was it the cost? Or were people concerned about "adding chemicals to the water"?


it's mostly the latter. when the last ballot measure campaign shit go so portland that the keyboardist for the Dandy Warhols was doing TV spots like "our water is so pure and perfect as is why add chemicals lol?

meanwhile half the people who are born & bred in this city have the kind of teeth that people imagine when when cracking jokes about the stereotype of british smiles.

it's... it's just too much i must seclude myself in the eastern wing now to be with my frustration.

@jackdaw_ruiz I know exactly why Rand Paul's neighbor knocked his lights out...

@dtluna @slightlyflightyone

having watched a bit of his content before whipping up that photoshopped image, i'll say that he doesn't seem like a mean-spirited person.

but given that his most recent video contains a claim that gun control is actually a position that advocates FOR gun violence, before delivering a self-satisfied smirk that is "gotcha!" personified, he does seem to be locked in the same self-imposed epistemic prison most of these dudes have locked themselves into. :thinkhappy:

@jackdaw_ruiz If I tip over your garbage, it's because your bin is not accessible to raccoons, and if there's not a law mandating raccoon-accessible trash bins, there should be


I just imagine the last one going "Listen up, Feeeeeeeeeeeemmoidsss" his words distorting as he implodes into his own asshole.

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