I'm going to pull up a new VPS, to run #NextCloud, and possibly a few other bits of software. I can integrate that into my existing #Ansible playbook, or play with #Dokku.

Dokku is interesting, but... not sure if this would be the right time to play with it.

@algernon I have one server that's using Dokku and I hate it so, so much. It's incredibly fragile and just super-frustrating to deal with. I would recommend against.

@jamesnvc @algernon What kind of stuff are hosting, if I might ask?
Do you think it's Dokku per se? Heard a few people say good things, but not sure how much "in production" it was.


@wink @algernon It's a client's webapp - simple enough Clojure + Clojurescript + postgres setup; migrated from Heroku several years ago (which is why we used Dokku at the time, very similar deploy process).
I think my problems with it were 1) I don't like Docker (find it over-complicated for what we need) and 2) written in bash (which just seems like a bad idea) & hence gets confused very easily (e.g. app env vars get mangled by bash quoting rules).

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@jamesnvc @algernon I see, maybe my info is also a bit outdated, but it seemed to promise some of docker's advantages without too much tooling around, more like single-person-hosting your own stuff and not having more complicated infra than the thing you're running in the first place.
But agree on the bash part...

@jamesnvc @wink Oh wow, env vars getting mangled is bad, bad, bad. That alone disqualified Dokku for me. Thanks for the info!

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