Update on #SQLite: per its creator, their Code of Conduct is not a parody and it's not mocking people who are asking for a Code of Conduct. They are 100% sincere in their belief that the Code of St. Benedict (which starts with the Ten Commandments) is an appropriate, inclusive Code of Conduct for a modern project.


(cc @InspectorCaracal )

@noelle @InspectorCaracal To be honest I am susprised anyone has the energy to care about this

@Gargron @noelle I mean, I am, like, not just Christian, I am a Roman Catholic, and I am seriously ?????? over an organization thinking that the Rule of St. Benedict is a good code of conduct for a... professional organization? Like. This is a set of rules for people who are dedicating the entire rest of their lives to serving God in the most explicit sense possible, this isn't just, like, a set of guidelines for general conduct.

What are they *thinking*?

@InspectorCaracal @noelle I mean, it's definitely silly, but nobody is bound to follow it anyway, plus SQLite is not something anyone really thinks or cares about on a daily basis, this is the first time I heard about it in years. Just seems like something that deserves an eyeroll instead of online discourse, but then again I do have that opinion about a lot of things that end up as discourse.

@Gargron @InspectorCaracal SQLite is the database server that's integrated into Python, so a lot of people use it for projects, possibly without even really realizing it.


@noelle @Gargron iOS embeds it as well & uses it as the backend for CoreData...I wonder what Apple will think about this "CoC" notionally applying to them?

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