I am growing tired of , and .

Wonder what I could do to transition into a shop that like more interesting languages like any of the family, particularly , or functional sort of languages like or .

As I am learning and , expressing ideas in and seem tedious and somehow lack elegance.

I feel somehow trapped where I am. I fear soon I will stop learning. *sigh*


professional work in haskell requires a high level skill set, as far as I understand

Work in scheme I think is non existent

But I think you could find something for Common Lisp or Clojure !

@AbbieNormal @jamesrichardson Clojure definitely. OCaml or F# possibly ... if you are in London.

@clacke @AbbieNormal well, I'm not in London.

Janestreet is a Ocaml shop, but I'm in Manhatten either.

@AbbieNormal I think either would require relocation, which in another year or so will be more palatable.

Spread tout interests, help people, bring value in the long run you can't stay trapped!

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