The wikipedia page makes it seem that way, yeah. I know about the Carbonari via Gary Lachman's book Occult Politics, and to a lesser extent, Robert Anton Wilson, who puts them in his Historical Illuminatus Trilogy (apparently fudging the chronology slightly) and in his encyclopedia of conspiracy theory, Everything is Under Control.

Both nationalist & republican movements tend to have a strong occult current & the carbonari leaned hard on rosicrucian aesthetics.


@enkiv2 @charlyblack I was quite sad, RAW didn't manage to keep the Historical Illuminatus trilogy going. Really enjoyed those books.

@jbond @charlyblack
Honestly, the third book in that series started petering out (as often happens). It transformed into one of his essay collections.

Somehow his best work is one-off stuff like Masks of the Illuminati.

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