Brexit end games.

I'm becoming convinced that there is no middle ground. There are only 3 realistic scenarios left, 2 soft and one hard.

- NoBrexit. We find a way to cancel Art50 and stay in EU
- BINO. Leave the EU but stay in all EU structures. Customs union, single market, euratom, ECJ, etc., etc.
- FullBrexit. No deal. Crash out completely.

And I suppose there is a sub-version of BINO where we just kick the can forever, endless extensions of the interim period.

Actually, maybe there's 5 options. In descending order of severity.

- Full Brexit. No Deal. ERG
- Theresa May's Compromise. Impossible middle way. Not Acceptable to anyone. EU, N Ireland, etc, etc.
- Brexit in Name Only. Leave EU but not any EU structure. Single market, customs union, ECJ, etc
- Delay. Negotiate indefinite 2-year stays of execution
- Cancel Art50 and Remain

@jbond I hope calls for a second referendum intensify. At this point the first is indefensible in terms of lack of planning, lack of clarity, breach of electoral law, etc.

I’m frequently reminded of that classic Simpsons bit where Homer runs for garbage disposal officer and the competent incumbent says “ for me, but if you want crazy promises, vote for Homer” and it cuts to a “Simpson wins by landslide” headline. 1st ref was crazy promises vs status quo, 2nd ref would be more realistic

@jbond @cbowdon I agree with this, but I'm also worried that the vote could be split between the two remain flavoured options, leaving No Deal with the most votes but also a clear minority who actually want it.

@stolas @cbowdon There are no "safe" options. Except possibly indefinite delay.

I don't really want another referendum but an acceptable alternative is a general election with a clear leave-remain choice between the two major parties. Except that Labour won't play the game of being unequivocally pro-remain.

We are *so* screwed. Right now it feels like there's no way out.

@cbowdon @jbond Labour have the same problem that the Tories have in that choosing one option will cause half of their mp to quit.

We really need a voting system that allows more than two parties to exist but the Lib Dems fucked that

@stolas @cbowdon It gets weird. Because 2/3 of Tory and 2/3 of Labour MPs are personally pro-Remain. But are in constituencies that are pro-Leave. So there's a clear Remain majority in the house judged on personal belief. But if they express their personal beliefs they'd lose their seats.


@stolas @cbowdon
<Alan Rickman voice>

"Damn You, Representative Democracy! I'll Get You!"

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