@bob What strikes me as a non tech: tech people were and still are deciding for everyone how we should use tech and to what degree and we just have to accept. Soon there won't even be an option to refuse certain tech, neither will we have a right not to be measured, not to use cryptocurrency, etc.

@KeaW I think the "not being able to opt-out of bad tech" problem I expect is going to get worse.

@bob Yes. I sometimes think that tech innovations and intentions are overestimated. Even Berners-Lee was disappointed because the dreams of the first web dev's did not came out. The soup is spoiled and I can understand why he cooperates with Dweb now. Although this certainly will be an improvement somehow, I see no reason to be 'enthusiast'. We will see....


@KeaW @bob There's middle ground. For really not very much money per month you can run a server with root and a command line. For even less you run a server with enough power to run LAMP and wordpress. And as part of the deal other people make sure it stays up

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