(A synopsis of every) Easy guide to how to do electronic projects!

Take your soldering iron and plug it in. Let it get hot enough that solder melts easily onto the tip.

Take the wire you want to solder and hold it against the top and let some solder coat it.

Take your capacitor (pick the one most appropriate to the delays you want in the ramping or your clock signal form either the ME2722XR chip or the RE324727ZD chip or any chip in the FECKM8 range) and solder it to the surface mount board, attaching the wire.

Next, you'll want to etch in traces for the 5 transistor loop and xenor diode, plus the resistor matrix to divide the voltages to fit the input specs for the OMG7-series chip mounted to the other side of the board.

Remember Ohms law from the last chapter! You can use the equations on page 3 to figure out what resistors you'll need!

@celesteh writing documentation is hard and we get tired after abut the first 30 seconds and want to go back to making toys.

It is a problem.

@inmysocks I do get it. This is why it can be so important to make non-developers feel like important contributors. People who write the documentation are rarely the people who build the thing.
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