I'm from London and live in Edinburgh, so I travel between the two a fair amount. Every time I do so, it feels like they've added a few extra cameras, because apparently we aren't safe unless every square inch of King's Cross station is actively monitored.

Police armed with machine guns are there, also. And it is horrifying to know there is nothing I can do about it. Who watches the watchmen?


This security theatre inherently assumes guilt until proof of innocence. These wannabe soldiers assume they're here for my protection, but the fact they exist there assumes the possibility of a guilty subject. I couldn't call the police to tell them to stop terrorising us with the presence of literal assault weapons, I have no choice in the matter of whether or not they should be there. And were I to speak up, they could then assume my guilt. Using the threat of terrorism, to justify terrorism.

Not once have I ever encountered someone that poses a threat to my safety, that it warrants I be under constant surveillance from the moment I leave my home.
Privacy has eroded to this point, where the single place I feel secure, is the place where only my laptop and phone are watching me.

What has this improved? Whose lives has this benefitted? Has this ever once prevented the crimes it's supposedly there to prevent?

@GreenandBlack wow, this propaganda poster is straight out of 1984. Creepy.

@ente @GreenandBlack I get mildly disturbed by the normalisation of UK Police with Guns in the popular media. But it's not ordinary cops with a hand gun, but paramilitary police with machine guns. They seem to be always in the background. especially when there's a politician in the main camera view.


@ente @GreenandBlack This poster was a favourite. Del Trotter is now a potential terrorist that should be reported because he's loading stuff into a lockup.

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