Remember to get your flu shot especially if you have any respiratory issues or know anyone who does. Even if you don’t usually get the flu. Herd immunity is important!

Lots of folks I know always complain about how they get the flu from the flu shot and are sick for a couple of days. So do it on Friday.

Trust me, two days of annoying symptoms are better than two weeks of actual illness, and for some folks the flu is absolutely life-threatening

@fluffy Nocebo effect. Which still works even if you know what it is.

Seriously, you don't feel like you have the flu from a flu shot. You just think you do.

When you really do get the flu, you'll remember that it was nothing at all like that.

@jbond well I do get some of the milder symptoms like achy muscles.


@fluffy Had this year's jab yesterday. Aching arm near the injection site and all my muscles feel a bit weak today. S'ok though.

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